Get PREpared for POSTseason


We are quickly approaching the end of our seasons, this could only mean one thing: PLAYOFFS.  That time of the season when the pressure's on, every second counts, and every touch matters.  Here are some tips to help prepare for the BIG games:

1. Eat. Sleep. Hydrate.  Eat a good breakfast and lunch the day of the game.  Make sure to get 8-9 hours the 2 nights before the game ( anything more will make you feel sleepy).  Hydrate. Hydrate. And hydrate some more.  

2. Stick to your routine.  Just because you are going to being playing in the biggest game of the year doesn't mean you should change your routine. Eat your oatmeal, talk to your family, and blast your music. No matter how big the game is, keep your routine to help you relax and remain confident.

3. Dream Big.  The night before the game visualize your success. See yourself making each save, coming off your line to collect through balls, and making great clearances.  See yourself commanding your defense and leading your team to victory!  

4.  Talk it out.  Talk with your teammates before the game.  Go over set pieces and key players. Communicate to your defenders how you will work together and have their backs!

6. Target Success.  Set a few goals or objectives that will help you stay focused on your job.  Focus on what you need to do to make your team successful.

7. HAVE FUN! Enjoy the opportunity to play the game you love. Enjoy the chance to compete at a high level with your teammates. Soak it up. Smile. You have done all the preparation work.  All that's left to do now is ENJOY IT!