CampFire: TKI Family Time

Last week our TKI family met at our own Jill Loyden's house for some quality goalkeeper family time that we call CampFire.  CampFire is an opportunity for all of TKI's high school aged goalkeepers and their families to gather, eat some amazing food, play some games, and get an opportunity to talk about life as a goalkeeper.  After we enjoyed a delicious meal, our students got prettttttty competitive when we started to play some minute to win it games.  It came down to the wire, but the freshmen pulled it out in a last minute victory!! (And they are not letting anyone forget it)  After our games ended, we spent the next hour sharing  college commitment victories, celebrating some stories of overcoming, and of course commiserated in some bad goals we gave up this fall.

Goalkeepers often find themselves lonely on the pitch; facing many different situations, circumstances, and pressures that most outfield players do not face, it sometimes can be hard to mentally cope.  We are different than outfield players and knowing that there are other people who are like us and have faced the same trials brings comfort, inspiration, and growth.  We believe that meeting together off the field directly translations to better relationships on the pitch, more enjoyment during training, and consequently goalkeepers being able to push each other more, creating a great environment for growth.

We are a family here at TKI.  We think its essential to not only bring out the best in ourselves but those to our left and to our right.  Our family atmosphere directly translates to our performance on the field and our leadership ability in ourselves. 

Mission for the week: Find effective ways to build good, working environments with the other goalkeeper on your team.