4 Habits for the New Year

I loathe New Year’s resolutions.  In theory, making a change for the better through New Year’s resolutions is awesome, but too often I get discouraged when I don’t keep them and they just end up falling to the wayside.  So instead I like to write some simple goals that are measurable, but flexible enough to ultimately be changed over a long period of time, not just over the course of one single year.  Simple habits developed over time can really end up changing your culture and life.  There are no such thing as excuses, just priorities.  We do what we think is important, not just on special holidays, but over the course of our lives.  Here are four simple habits that aim to inspire you to seek greatness both on and off the field!  Hopefully at least one resonates for to commit to not only in 2015 but for the rest of your life.  Hopefully you cant just pick one of them! 

1.  Stop and celebrate the wins! 

Celebrate the smallest of victories, whether it’s a new learned technique, a score on a fitness test you’ve been working for, or a grade on a test that you studied hard for.  It’s so easy to let those moments slip by in the craziness of life, but make sure you enjoy what you’ve been working toward. You deserve it and so do the people in your life who helped you make it happen! 

2. Ask more questions. 

Our growth as goalkeepers and as people is endless in our lifetimes. Our lives should be journeys filled with constant and consistent growth.  Our problems cannot be resolved until we start asking questions.  Questions about tactics, techniques, leadership.  Question everything.  Questions is the art of learning. Learning to ask important questions is the best evidence of passion, understanding, and answers, which will ultimately lead to growth.  No mater how good you think you are, there will always be someone from you learn from.  No one ever graduates from learning. 

3.  Be more detail oriented.  

Details often make or break accomplishments. You could have an incredible goal that you want to accomplish, but big goals are only as powerful as the details that are behind them.  Being diligent in the small things gives us confidence and experience that will ultimately set us up to seize the great opportunities.  Practice, practice, practice. Never graduate from the bascis.  As you progress through your goalkeeping journey, the fundamentals and basics will be the cornerstone and foundation your rely on.

4.  Choose more joy! 

Goalkeeping is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Make sure you take time to really enjoy the process.  Enjoy your journey.  Enjoy the path that you are taking toward greatness. Don’t dwell on negativity or be pessimistic about things that are out of your control.  Don’t let setbacks rob you of the joy that the game brings you.  Joy isn’t circumstantial; it’s a behavior that we must choose every single day when we get out of bed.  It’s up to you how you choose to look at each day.  Is it an opportunity to become a better person and player than you were yesterday or a chore that jus needs to be added to your To-do list?

Have a great and safe new year! What new habits will you be taking with you into the New Year?