What Makes a TKI goalkeeper?

What makes a TKI goalkeeper?  There is a certain ethos that all TKI goalkeepers live by.  A standard that we set for ourselves that not only affects us on the soccer field but overall in everyday life.  We refuse to be average in anything we do; mediocrity is our enemy; we strive everyday to be better than we were yesterday.   Do you have what it takes to become a TKI goalkeeper?


1.     We Dream Big!!  We know that there are no dreams too wild or too out of our reach.  We know that if we can imagine it, we can achieve it!


2.     Big Dreams, Bigger Sacrifices! TKI goalkeepers know there is always a price to pay for our dreams!  We all want to be truly great, with that comes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.  We are the first ones to practice and the last ones to leave!  We know the one thing that separates us from greatness is hard work!


3.     Pursuit of Excellence- For TKI Goalkeepers excellence is our standard.  We have no fear of perfection, because we will never achieve it.  But we will always strive for excellence. We are constantly striving to the best people versions of ourselves that we can be.  We take pride in the way we lead ourselves and we lead others;  we demonstrate good character, self-discipline, and set a good example for others to follow. We do everything, whether soccer, school, or even chores, to the best of our ability.  We demonstrate excellence in all aspects of our lives.  Our high standards are what make us special. 


4.     Hunger and Grit!  Grit is the ability to endure, persevere, and overcome despite any circumstance.  We stay committed and loyal no matter what obstacle comes our way.  We know that we will overcome any hurdle, its not a question of will we succeed but when.    We always stay hungry! Everyday is an opportunity for us to become better players and people than we were yesterday.  TKI goalkeepers are never satisfied with yesterday’s performances.  We stay driven to improve everyday! We know it’s the small details that we improve on everyday that will yield great gains for us in the future. 


5.     Enjoy the Journey!  We have dreams, we work hard to achieve them, we lead by good example, and most importantly we enjoy every minute of it.  We know that it’s about enjoying the journey and loving what we do.  When we combine that love and joy with an indomitable will, we know that we will be unstoppable and successful in anything that we do.