TKI Highlights: Christiana Ogunsami

The Keeper Institute would like to congratulate Cherry Hill West senior Christiana Ogunsami as she starts a new journey in her career this summer. Christiana is set to head start her freshmen year at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and will report to preseason this August.  TKI could not be more proud of the progress that "Chris" has made in the last six months. Chris's hard work, determination, and positive attitude are attributes that are going to get her to her next level and ultimately all her goals! Everyone at the TKI family would like to wish Christiana the best of luck as she takes the next step in her goalkeeping career! #PursueExcellence

Name: Christiana Ogunsami       

Birthday: January 11,1996

High School: Cherry Hill West

Club Team: Continental FC Delco

College to Attend in 2014: Vanderbilt University


1.      How did you get recruited to your college? (did you reach out to the college? Did you email them your schedules? Did they initiate the conversations?)

Coach Greene reached out to my coach who relayed the message to me. I emailed them my schedule for the games at ECNL events and the process went on from there. I didn't think about the school until they contacted me.

2.      What do you like most about your new school/team?

The city of Nashville is gorgeous and the people are really invitng. I really liked the support system and the access to the teachers and tutors. Also, they have a very prestigious medical school. The team reminds a lot of my team now; they play similar to my team's style and they are really close with each other.

3.      Be honest, are you excited, nervous, or both?

I'm very excited for next year but a little nervous about preseason.

4.      How have you been preparing for preseason?

I have been focused on doing my summer workouts and training. Also, I will be taking summer classes in July.

5.      How are you preparing differently for college than you did for high school?

I'm training a lot harder in addition to playing with my club team until I go to school. I am making sure everything is on point technically for the start of preseason.

6.      Do you have any survival tips for incoming high school freshmen?

Get involved and don't fall behind from the start because freshman year matters in the long run. Also, don't be afriad of the seniors, hazing is part of being a freshman, they're are justing kidding.

7.      What was the most important factor in your decision for college?

It was finding a school that has a great athletic program and an even better academic program.

8.      When did you commit to Vanderbilt?

In November of my junior year after my on campus visit.

9.      What is your ultimate goal?

My goal is to be able to get medical degree through the med school track, play 4 years of soccer and hopefully play some years professionally.

10.  What do you think the most important take away from TKI to bring with you to college?

Since working with Jill, my confidence level has gone up and I can dive forward more rather than backwards.

Join The Keeper Institute family as we follow Christiana and her progress at Vanderbilt this fall! Work hard, stay positive, and have fun Chris!