TKI Gives Back


As a training company for young aspiring goalkeepers, The Keeper Institute aims to influence our students both on and off of the soccer field. As declared in our mission statement “We believe that there is potential in everyone and our intention is to bring that potential to life”.  This theory not only applies to our student’s athletic capability, but also the potential for them to become young well-rounded women.  We are very conscious of the fact that there is a lot more to this life than just soccer, hence our determination to teach our students strong life lessons that can be applied on and off of the pitch.  Our goal is to encourage our students to grow into exceptional people, compassionate teammates, and valuable members of society. Amongst the most important aspects of TKI is that we as a training family engage in giving back to our community. A couple members of TKI did just that this week, as they volunteered at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, in Neptune, NJ.

TKI students Grace Gordon, and Katie Pierson spent Wednesday afternoon at the K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital along side of our very own, Jill Loyden (Sky Blue FC & USWNT) and Sky Blue FC teammate Ashley Nick.  The girl’s objective in volunteering their time was to simply put a smile on as many children’s faces as possible. Overall, the day was a huge success in the eyes of Jill who said, “To be able to share joy, smiles, and hope with those little heroes is something I see as an honor, and privilege”. Sky Blue FC’s Ashley Nick shared a very similar outlook on the day; “Volunteering some of my time, to get to experience the beauty of people from different places and age ranges, is completely my pleasure. I think it's important for kids like Grace and Katie to volunteer because it's important to share your love and joy for life with others.”

The Keeper Institute believes in teaching our students the significance of hard work, and selflessness, all while enjoying the beautiful journey of life. While visiting the hospital, Grace and Katie exemplified the meaning of selflessness, and both expressed how important volunteering is to them personally. Katie was very mindful and optimistic of the impact that volunteering may offer in saying, “Volunteering could change someone’s life. It is so good to get out of the house and put a smile into the world”. In addition to spreading smiles throughout the hospital, Grace and Katie were able to take a deeper look into the meaning of life. After spending her afternoon at the K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital Grace said, “I thought that it really helped me to appreciate how lucky I am to be healthy and playing sports. Volunteering also helped me understand how hard life can be, but that it is important to always put up a fight”.

 We are so proud of these girls for not only offering their time to brighten the lives of others, but for exemplifying truly admirable character. A special thank you to the K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center for such an opportunity, as well as Sky Blue FC players Jill Loyden and Ashley Nick for sharing the day with our students!

Shine on always.” –Ashley Nick