We're Better Together

Strong relationships are amongst the most important aspects in the game of soccer to ensure the best possible experiences for everyone involved. Such interactions include player to player, coach to player, and player to coach. At The Keeper Institute we are constantly reminding our students of the importance of being excellent teammates, and solid leaders on and off of the field. It is essential as goalkeepers that we take responsibility in building intimate relationships with our teammates in order to develop a level of mutual respect, and to create a comfortable environment for everyone on our teams. Well-built relationships will inevitably increase the opportunities for individual and team successes, including the relationships between coaches and players.

Developing and better yet, sustaining strong relationships requires effort from both people involved. One of our main goals as coaches at The Keeper Institute is to have the best possible relationships with our students in order to provide unsurpassed training experiences. Obviously we spend the most time with our students on the field, but we make conscious efforts to stay connected with our students off of the field as well.  The off the field interactions allow us as coaches to gain personal insights to each and every student, which in turn strengthens the quality of training sessions tremendously. Providing a comfortable environment during training sessions is essential to bringing our students full potential to life. We are dedicated to guiding each and every one of our students to become the best goalkeepers and more importantly best people that they can be. In order to provide the greatest experience at The Keeper Institute, it is essential that the relationships between the coaches and students be grounded with a mutual level of respect and dedication.

High quality player to coach relationships involving mutual trust and respect, will permit the greatest learning experiences. At The Keeper Institute we strive to provide the most comfortable training environments, but it is the trust that our students have in us that will let training be most beneficial. As players it is important that we are open to learning new things, and that we are able to receive constructive criticism to become the best goalkeepers that we can be.

It is our aim as a TKI staff to treat our students in a way that they know is very special. We believe that if we go above and beyond the call as a “goalkeeper trainer” to support and care about each player, that in turn they will treat their teammates, teachers, and peers in the same regard.  Living a life pursuing excellence starts with how we live our life outside the lines first,  then carries on with our abilities on the field.

This week's mission: Look carefully at the people that surround you.  Care about the person to your left and right!  We're better together.