Clear Minds, Clean Sheets

As goalkeepers it is imperative that we focus on not only the physical aspects, but also the mental aspects of our game. While we train in effort to master every technical skill of goalkeeping, without a strong mindset it is sometimes challenging to find success. In a position that often leaves us ‘standing on an island’ by ourselves it is very important as goalkeepers to consciously stay focused even when the ball is not in our hands. We must be prepared for anything coming our way, and ready to make quick, smart decisions at any given time. But, in order to stay focused on the game and be prepared in such decision-making situations, we must first have clear minds. 

Stepping across that white line on game day inevitably provides an adrenaline rush that most of us goalkeepers crave. The opportunity to do what we love, to put everything we practice during training to work, to be a leader, to strive towards success, and to do so along side our teammates whom we love. As we step across that white line though, it is essential that we do so with a clear mind. In order to have that clear mind, we must block out all distractions that certainly try to make their way onto the field with us. Such distractions can stem from negative attitudes of people around us, loud fans of the opposite team, conflicts that we are facing in our personal lives, and the list goes on.

Being able to successfully block all outside disturbances from our minds when we step foot onto the game field, will allow us to keep a clear mind. Keeping an undeniable focus on strictly the game will without doubt enhance the opportunity to complete the game with a clean sheet. A clear mind between the white lines is a mental support system in order for us to perform physically at the top of our game.  

Mission for the week: Step on the field with a clear head with your goals for the game in the forefront of your mind.  Be driven to accomplish your attainable goals, steer clear from being results driven or pleasing coaches! Clear minds, clean sheets!