Opportunities for Growth

No matter how old you are, what level you play at, or what you have already accomplished, there is ALWAYS room for growth.  There is always more to mastering our craft.  There will always be a deeper understanding that we can seek to find.  Next weekend (Jan14-18th) we have a unique opportunity to come together as a soccer community at a physical venue and allow for that growth.  

Each year the NSCAA, National Soccer Coaches Association of America, hold a convention to gather some of the best coaches from around the world for live field demonstrations, classroom sessions, and coaching classes.  Over 4,000 coaches will be in attendance with an audience of over 10,000 people over a five day span.  This year we have a unique opportunity as the convention will be held in our backyard of Philadelphia, PA.  

The convention is a great event for coaches, players, and parents of all ages to attend.  No matter what skill level you find yourself, there will definitely be something that you will be able to take away and apply to your own area of expertise.  This year at the convention, TKI’s very own Jillian Loyden will be running a field session on the “Goalkeeper's Positioning to Save Shots.”  Some of the world’s best coaches will be providing their insight to how they have achieved a high level of success at all levels of the game. This is an event that you will not want to miss. Below is a link to the schedule and some detailed information to catch TKI at this year’s NSCAA Coaches Convention.

Hope to see you there! 

NSCAA Convention Master Schedule 

Jillian Loyden Presents "Goalkeeper Positioning to Save Shots":  345PM-445PM CC Hall B