90 Day Winter Challenge

As all of your fall seasons come to an end, whether that be college, high school, or club we’re all heading into the winter months, or what some call it the ‘offseason’. We’re here to send you a friendly reminder: There is no offseason.  If you are dedicated to becoming the best goalkeeper you can be, if you have dreams of playing in college and succeeding when you get there, if you want to make sure that your body is staying fit and remaining injury free… you MUST be willing to work all year-round. Not just in season, or in preseason, but you must maintain a relentless effort to improve every single day.

The potential that you have is undeniable, and the choice to seize that potential is yours.  Everyday that you waste an opportunity to develop that potential is a day that you set yourself one day behind your potential self, and one day behind everyone else out there who is looking to take your spot next season. 

The greatest goalkeepers are those who are working at being better versions of themselves each and every day, even when their abilities already exceed most others.  At the end of the season they reflect on their performances, identify gaps in their game and skills to sharpen, they redefine their goals, rest their bodies, but their minds never stop working on ways to get better.  It’s an everyday process.  There is no offseason.  

Goalkeepers need time off to rest and recover their bodies; they don’t need to train 365 days a year.  But when those two recovery weeks are over, they get back to work with specific purposes in mind.  This 90-day winter challenge is going to provide all of you goalkeepers specific areas to work on that will help you prepare for a successful spring season and beyond.  The 90-day challenge will add a supplemental program that will help each of you grow in all areas: physical strength and ability, injury prevention, leadership, motivation, communication skills, and even technical areas. 

Practices make game days easier.  The harder the offseason, the easier the regular season.  Anyone can get pumped up for night games under the lights, but it takes a true competitor to get serious about their off season workouts.  Everyday has a win for you.  Crave taking ground on your potential self and the effort becomes irrelevant.