Second Mile Effort

The Second Mile Effort.

The Keeper Institute is committed to doing things with a standard of excellence. Always above the norm.  Exceedingly more than what is expected.  We live by The Second Mile Principle.  

The Second Mile Effort Principle was inspired by the bible verse found in Matthew 5:41, "If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”  The first mile are things that are obligations, ordinary things that are asked of you. Club team trainings, homework, and chores are all duties that are required and expected from us in our respective roles.  Giving the second mile effort is where we find ourselves exceeding mediocrity and extending toward greatness.  Living in the second mile allows for opportunities to go beyond expectation.  To achieve more. To find success. TO BE GREAT! We should all go beyond the fixed limited of exactly what is required of as, as goalkeepers, as students, as teammates, and as family members. 

Here are three ways to live in the second mile:

  1. Think higher thoughts.  Thoughts precede action.  We need to think above the majority.  If we think and dream like the majority, we will end up becoming a part of the majority.  We will end up becoming average.  We need to think what others think is not possible for our lives. Our thoughts need to remain focused on our goals.  We must remain mentally strong during times when we could easily be distracted by setbacks, obstacles, or negativity.  The way we think will shape the way we act.  Live with a made up mind.  Make up your mind that you will succeed, and that you will achieve all your dreams. Let your action be shaped by an unwavering commitment to your goals.

  2. Put your work "boots" on.  It’s all well and good to dream big, thinking higher thoughts, and believing you can, but without getting off the couch and putting in the work, well… you can kiss your dreams goodbye.  Victory loves preparation.  Preparation isn’t always fun; it requires time, hard work, and sacrifice.  Preparing to achieve something that is out of our depth can be uncomfortable, but we always want to stretch ourselves every day. Reaching higher. Living for more and outside our comfort zone.  Gone are the days of yore when we just show up for team training three hours a week.  Our eyes need to be open for opportunities to go above and beyond, ways to constantly improve ourselves.  How are you a better goalkeeper, student, and person than you were yesterday?

  3. Give more. Treat those around you with generosity. Give more to the special people that you get to do life with every day. As goalkeepers it is essential to assume leadership responsibilities, and develop personal relationships with those who follow you. The relationships we develop each and every day have the ability to change our lives for the better. Care and love those around you, for the people we surround ourselves with are the most important part of this life.

All new TKI training shirts will have the new Second Mile Logo stamped on the back. A simple reminder to always think, act, and give the second mile.  Make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming training programs, clinics, and camps. For more information check out our training page.