TKI'S 30 Day Core Challenge

Here at The Keeper Institute we are always trying to equip our goalkeepers with every tool necessary to develop their game and ultimately achieve their dreams.  To build off the momentum of the 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge, in April we will be hosting our 30 Day Core Challenge.  Not only will this program increase your core strength, but also hold young goalkeepers accountable for doing an extra 10-15 minutes of core, four days a week.  Learn about the importance of having a strong core below from expert Melanie Wittenberger.

Why is a strong core so important to an athlete? 

A strong core is one of the most important assets an athlete can have.  The core is the source of where all movement begins.  This means that every motion an athlete makes starts from the center of gravity of your core, and is extended through your limbs. The best way to think about the core is in comparison with a tree.  A tree could have the strongest thickest branches around, but if its trunk is weak, the entire tree is compromised. 

Many people think that the core consists of just your abdominal muscles, which are so commonly praised, however it is actually comprised of over 25 muscles that assist in stabilizing your body. By training all of the muscles that make up both the inner and outer core and athlete could increase strength, power as well as overall stability thus improving performance on the field.  Besides the positive attributes core training has on performance, it also aids in injury prevention. By strengthening the typically under trained muscles of the inner core, many common injuries could be prevented.

"Strengthening the core muscles has the ability to increase strength, power, and stability as well as prevent common injuries. " -Melanie Wittenberger, Strength Coach
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