The Keeper Institute Headquarters


We are extremely excited to announce that The Keeper Institute officially has a home! As of May 1st, TKI will open our very own all-encompassing training school. The Keeper Institute Headquarters is located in Sewell, NJ, and will provide education in every aspect of the goalkeeping position, such as: strength and conditioning, leadership development, video breakdown, on the field goalkeeping sessions and more! We cannot wait to get started in our new home, as this is a dream come true for us! TKI is confident that this will allow us to further develop not only outstanding goalkeepers, but also even more amazing people! 

In order to make our dream come to life in the next two months we will be raising funds that will go directly to laying down new turf, installing strength equipment, and the technology needed to properly break down video. If you would like to make a monetary donation please do so at the link below! Any and all contributions to our new home are greatly appreciated!

Donate here!

Also if anyone is looking to get rid of any gym equipment, or classroom furniture (ie. chairs) and would like to donate it to The Keeper Institute, please contact us at any time!

To those of you that have inspired us to make this happen, and to those of you that will contribute in the next couple months to making our dreams for The Keeper Institute Headquarters come true, THANK YOU! We appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know!