TKI's Champion Challenge

Being a champion doesn't just mean winning trophies and gold medals.  It's not about personal records, shutouts, or the number of goals you can score in a season.  Champions aren't defined by statistics, numbers, or earnings.  No. True champions are only defined by their character.  By their grit. Perseverance. And unrelenting work ethic.  The measure of a champion lies not in victories, but in the amount of heart and character they display on their path to achieve their full potential.  

Here at The Keeper Institute we are always trying to equip our goalkeepers with every tool necessary to develop their game and ultimately achieve their dreams.  We realize that we have a limited time on the field working with our students and that each of them will need to work on different aspects of the game away from the field and on their own.  To build off the momentum of the physical trainings with the Jump Rope and Core Challenges, this May we will be implementing  The Keeper Institute's "Champion Challenge!"  

Our journeys to reaching out full potential as goalkeepers and as people far extends beyond the four boundaries of the pitch.  It starts in our hearts.  It starts with a decision. It starts leading our lives as champions in everything that we do.  

Sign up for TKI's "Champion Challenge" and join us in becoming a champion in all aspects of life.

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