Q&A with Holly Van Noord

Holly Van Noord is the current goalkeeper at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  She is taken an unlikely path to become a prominent goalkeeper at the Division 1 level and was gracious enough to sit down with us and share some of her insight on what has helped her get to the top level in the college game! 

TKI: A lot of TKI Goalkeepers are going through the recruiting process right now. Can you give us some insight on how that process went for you ?

HVN: The recruiting process can be both an exciting and stressful time.  I didn't play club so I decided that I needed to attend as many camps and clinics that I could at the colleges I was interested in attending to get recognized.  Come to find out, this was a great way for the coaches to see hours of my talent, personality, and work ethic and whether or not I would be a good fit for their program.  While looking at different colleges, I highly suggest visiting each one to get a feel for the environment and whether or not you can see yourself at that college.  

TKI: What was/is the biggest adjustment going from high level club or high school to college?

HVN:  The biggest adjustment going from high school to college was the intensity. I recognized very quickly that the women were more aggressive, work harder, and are more disciplined. College soccer programs require dedication and discipline with every aspect of your life and both your coaches and teammates expect you to put soccer as a top priority.

TKI: Where do you want to take your playing career and how are you working to make that happen?

HVN:  I would like to take my career to the professional level. In order to reach my goal, I work on my weaknesses and put in extra time outside of training and practices. Eating healthy, taking care of my body, and getting enough rest at night are three things that have really helped me train to the best of my ability. My faith also plays a big role in developing my confidence and helping me find my value in Christ and not my performance. Overall, my faith helps me work harder and become a better goalkeeper. 

TKI: How has training with TKI been? Do you think you have made any particular adjustments or improvements to help better your game?

HVN:  TKI has been a huge part in developing me as goalkeeper. The technical training is very specific and has helped me learn details to enhance my goalkeeping. Even when I am training on my own or with other teams, I am able to take what I learned at TKI and train myself. I know the adjustments that I need to change from TKI sessions and modify my performance from what I have learned. This has helped me improve my game and develop me as a goalkeeper.

TKI: What is the best piece of advice you can give a young goalkeeper who wants to play at the highest level and achieve all their dreams?

HVN:  The best piece of advice that I would give a goalkeeper who wants to achieve their dreams is to be discipline and put extra work in. It’s important to put your dream as a top priority in your life so that everything you do puts you one step closer to that dream and doesn’t hinder you reaching your potential. I would encourage you to be discipline with your body, your brain, your social life, your spiritual life, and your school life.