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Kickstart the New Year with this “Get in the Habit: 66 Day Accountability Challenge!” Most goalkeepers want to work on their non dominant foot, get fit, or start doing more mobility, but fail to put a plan together and stay accountable! We want to help you so that you don’t fall off the new year’s resolution wagon! Send us your goal for the next two months and we will send you weekly check-ins to help you stay accountable!

Your goals may look like this: I want to improve my fitness. Milestone 1: Do 3 extra jump rope work outs per week in addition to my typical training. Milestone 2: Do activation 10 minutes before every training session and 5 minutes of mobility everyday. Milestone 3: Complete 6 sets of suicide cones (6, 12, 18) three times per week.

Submit the form below and we will be sure to check-in with you weekly to help keep you accountable for 66 days! The challenge starts January 7th!

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