Shelby Money 

Vineland, NJ


I started training with Jillian Loyden in September 2012. She has worked with me on things such as foot skills, set position, and diving. Each week we work on a little of everything so that we get repeated exposure and can see our improvements. Jill helps us with both our strengths and weaknesses. Since I’ve been training with her, I have improved greatly not just with skills but confidence in the net also. Jill gives me advice on everything from goalie training to contacting colleges. I enjoy every session because she makes learning fun but works me hard as well. She pushes me to be the best I can be and gives me the encouragement and skill I need to take on challenges. Working with Jill Loyden has changed my game

Jess McKee

Sewell, NJ

Being part of The Keeper Institute and being able to train with Jill for almost a year now has been one of the greatest experiences. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an awesome goalkeeper and person. I've learned so much about the technical, tactical, and mental aspects of the game and believe that Jill has really helped me improve all those parts of my game over the last year. One of the many great things about The Keeper Institute is the quality of training you receive. The focus isn't to cram as much information into one session as possible. The instruction is really concentrated on teaching things the right way and making sure we understand how and when to implement the skills we are learning into our game. I really appreciate all the time out in to organizing each session, and the effort made to ensure that each goalkeeper gets the most out of each session as possible. The keeper Institute is an amazing program really dedicated to educating and developing great goalkeepers. 

Katie Pierson

Mechanicsville, VA 

My parents drive me from Richmond, VA for the training sessions and they are so worth it!  The best part about training with Jill and the rest of the TKI instructors is that I feel like I'm gaining more than just goalkeeper training, I feel like I am gaining friends and mentors for the future.  I really enjoy the drills and the personal attention that I get.  Not only am I told "how to" correctly do something, but I'm allowed to practice the correct way to do it until I get it right.  It's such a safe environment to learn and I'm not afraid to make mistakes.  I'm learning that if I want to be the best, it starts with having the right attitude and working hard."

Kathy Oakes

Glendale, AZ

My 14 year old daughter is a freshman in high school and has played soccer for half her life.  She loves being a goal keeper and has won two championships with her team.   Last summer she suffered a devastating knee injury and had to sit out for six months as she recovered from surgery.  It was during that time that she met Jill.  What an amazing role model!!  Though Marley has been blessed with awesome coaches, Jill is the first professional goal keeper she's ever met.  Jill not only stresses the importance of correct form, catching and diving, she is able to connect with the girls and show them that perseverance and being relentless are key ingredients to success.  Jill is living out her dream and is committed to helping girls reach theirs.  Marley's TKI experience was something she'll cherish forever.  She was able to immediately apply some of Jill's suggestions and techniques when she returned to her high school team last month  Jill has overcome injuries and knows what it takes to play with the best of the best.  I would encourage any parent who has the ability to send their goal keeper to a TKI session to do so.  It's worth every penny.


Elyssa Duckett

Working with Jill has absolutely been the best thing possible for the development of my game.  With each session, I can feel myself improving, not only in my skills, but also my confidence.  There's nothing better than training with a coach that has such an incredible amount of patience, as well as such a love for the game.  Jill's thorough and technical approach to each session, and her mentality of constantly bettering yourself as a player is exactly what I look for in a coach.

Erica Stewart


I cannot express how thrilled I am for youth goalkeepers who have the opportunity to train with Jillian Loyden. I’ve known Jillian for 11 years and witnessing her journey as a player and coach has been truly inspirational. She is a consummate role model. The steadfastness of her positive attitude, her optimism, work ethic and love for the game are on a higher level than anyone I’ve ever met. Training alongside Jill is a unique experience, because she consistently creates an atmosphere of unstoppable energy and enjoyment. She has the ability to reach every player and challenge them while making them feel good about the work they’re doing. She creatively figures out what each player needs in order to excel and instills good habits that translate positively into their lives off the field. Jillian coaches in a way that makes players want to be better people, because they see the unthinkable hardships she has faced in her life and how she inevitably approaches every day as a gift and a chance to help people. Having the chance to work with a world-class athlete who still plays at the highest level of the game is a very rare and awesome opportunity. I am so lucky to have shared the game with Jill and anticipate nothing but excellence from players in The Keeper Institute.

Joni Perlman

Media, Pa

I discovered Jillian and The Keeper Institute through another contact I had when my daughter was training elsewhere.  My daughter went to her first session with Jillian and she told me she had never experienced such technical training, which she had been with several other trainers prior.

After quite a few sessions, jillian helped to bring my daughter’s confidence to where it needed to be to succeed at a higher level of goalkeeping.

We were included in a “campfire” where the girls got acquainted with each other and shared goalkeeper stories.  The parents also got to share their information and somethings they have been working through as goalkeeper parents.  We also got involved with the Winter Program where my daughter was videotaped in order to playback for error analysis.  My daughter went to some 1 hour classroom sessions about nutrition, college recruitment, and leadership, on and off the field. 

My daughter is 14 and at a new level in her goalkeeping career. She really looks forward to training with Jillian and really trusts her knowledge and advice.  We feel very privileged to work with her!

Carly Perlman 

Media, PA

From day one, Jillian’s sessions were the most technical, and helped sessions I have ever experienced.  I had many trainers before, they all helped me grow, but none more than Jill.  It has been an honor to train with her, as I know her goalkeeping knowledge and skill are some of the best in the world. 

I began to really connect with Jill at an event called “campfire”.  We bonded a lot and I got to know Jill more as a trainer and a mentor.  I am at a new level in my goalkeeping career. I always look forward to The Keeper Institute’s sessions.  Jill has helped me in so many ways. I can’t thank her enough.

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