Vyper: Ultimate


Vyper: Ultimate


Weather: All Weather Glove, slightly dampen palm for best results.  This glove comes with Plastic Protective layer that will need to be peeled, make sure to PEEL the plastic and Pre-Wash the glove before using!  Pre-Wash will help bring the latex to life and increase flexibility in the glove. 

Grip: The all new Vyper: Ultimate features a our Exclusive ORANGE 4mm German Supreme Latex.  This latex is sticky and needs to be slightly moistened before use and for best results. 

Design:  BioHybrid Cut.  This is our BioHYBRID cut, featuring Roll Outer Fingers, with a Custom Expanse Flex Fitted Finger Section and Jaguar Mesh Gussets.  The Thumb has been slightly modified from Wrap Over/Under to a more traditional thumb, allowing for Additional Support and the use of Thumb Saves if you want to add them.  The BioHYBRID cut is designed so your hands move forward on top of the ball in the optimal position during the catch.  It also represents one of the most comfortable palm cuts that West Coast Features.

Wrist: Our Brand new Double Elas-TEC Wrist Strap, improved to help minimize snagging and runs, with increased strength to make you feel more secure with each catch.  In order to make the wrists last, make sure the wrap the wrist strap up after you are done using it so the Velcro Monster in your bag doesn't get to them!

Backhand: 3mm Full German Super Soft Latex Backhand with 3 Flexibility points in the backhand to allow full motion of the hand.  This glove uses West Coast's signature Memory Foam Lining (yes the same as on beds), in order to provide a pillow like feeling on your hands when you catch!  It helps take the sting out of hard shots, while still giving you the feel for the catch.

Finger Protection:  Guardian Finger Protection System (not thumb) with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove!  

Fit: The Vyper: Ultimate is designed to be a medium fitting glove with room in the fingers, the wrist will be slightly more snug by design with the Double Elas-tec wrist.  The design also allows for extra extension when reaching to make fingertip saves!

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