Upcoming Camps, Clinics, & Programs

Neptune Clinic

On August 2nd, 2015, The Keeper Institute will host the 3rd Annual Goalkeeper Clinic at the Sunshine Fields in Neptune, NJ!  The clinic will be run by retired USWNT goalkeeper Jill Loyden, current Sky Blue FC goalkeepers, TKI Goalkeeper Coach Maria Dorris, and TKI Performance Coach Melanie Wittenberger.   Girls and boys ages 8-18 will be put through two extensive goalkeeper training sessions where they will be exposed to every aspect of the position.  The first session will be focused on the precise techniques of footwork, handling, and various types of diving.  The second field session will be geared toward the technical side of 1v1s and the tactical decision making of when and how to stop 1v1 situations.  All goalkeepers will be have an opportunity to improve their physical side of the game with a 30 minute session with TKI's performance coach and the mental aspect of the game with a Q&A with goalkeepers with over 20 years playing professionally.  Every goalkeeper will walk away with a deeper knowledge of the technical side of the game, physically stronger, mentally more capable to deal with game management,  and a motivation to pursue excellence that will last through their career! This is an opportunity to train with some of the best goalkeepers in the world and one you will not want to miss!