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The biggest aspect of the game that we are asked to help with is confidence. Day in and day out, students ask us to help them become more confident goalkeepers on game day. How do you manage a coach who yells at you? Or making a huge mistake during the biggest game of the year? How do you deal with the pressure of performing in front of college coaches at showcases?

This FREE seminar on April 26th is aimed at goalkeepers, parents, coaches, and trainers who need to better understand the goalkeeper psyche. This workshop will help goalkeepers develop techniques to build and sustain confidence through adversities and mistakes, as well as educate the goalkeeper’s inner circle on how to help each goalkeeper stay mentally tough. This seminar is packed with practical and effective methods that will help you deal with the pressures of performing!

To attend this free seminar, please RSVP below! We look forward to meeting you and help you take your next step in mastering the mental game!

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April 26th I 730PM

TKI Headquarters I Sewell, NJ