Our mission is to help develop the complete goalkeeper and YOU, parent, coach, trainer, are part of that process. Educate yourself on the youth goalkeeper and learn how to best help your goalkeeper elevate their game!

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Level 1 COurse

This course is aimed at YOU, the parent, the club coach, and the trainer.  You play a vital role in your goalkeeper's success and we want to educate you on how you can best serve your goalkeeper's development. This course will educate each participant on the qualities of the modern day goalkeeper, how to work with goalkeepers individually, and as part of the team.  This course will take place in the classroom first, followed by the field session to help gain a deeper knowledge of techniques and how to apply them to your specific age an skill level.  Each participant who registers for this course is welcome to invite one goalkeeper to attend the class as well. Each coach will be able to instruct their goalkeeper within the field portion of our course with the assistance of the TKI instructors. This three hour course will be held at TKI Headquarters from 10-1PM on  December 9th and February 3rd.  This education course will take your goalkeeper to their next level! 

“Watching videos, attending lectures and collecting online drills are all great training aids for coaches who want to become more involved in keeper training; however, there is simply no substitute for hands on training. At TKI’s Coaches’ Class, I was able to work through quality keeper warmups, get in goal, learn how to fall without injury, improve my footwork, and also experience shot blocking from world class keepers. More importantly, I learned how to translate that experience into training that I could provide for my own goal keepers. Jill and her team are especially adept at quickly modifying their presentation to match the experience level of the coach. I highly recommend TKI to any coach or player looking to take their game to the next level.”
— Bob Cooper, Vice President South Jersey Soccer League