West Coast Sypder Crimson

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West Coast Sypder Crimson


A Stunning glove featuring a Deep Crimson Red highlighted with Bright Red and White Accents. The Palm is West Coast's Signature Exclusive German Supreme Latex, with a Roll/Reverse Hybrid cut for an amazingly Precise fit, finished off with extended palm.

Weather: All Weather Glove, slightly dampen palm for best results.  This glove comes with Plastic Protective layer that will need to be peeled, make sure to PEEL the plastic and Pre-Wash the glove before using!  Pre-Wash will help bring the latex to life and increase flexibility in the glove. 

Grip: Roll/Reverse Hybrid with Extended Palm and Red Mesh Gussets using West Coast's Exclusive 4mm German All-Weather Supreme Latex.  

Design:  Our Spyder Backhand with Red Micro Mesh gussets at the Hybrid Cut. The Hybrid Cut has roll index and pinky with middle two fingers being reverse.  This allows for an incredibly comfortable and precise fit!  The extended palm allows for additional distance when throwing and provides stability when catching and making front smothers.

Wrist: While this glove does have extended palm, we have incorporated the wrist strap and Glove ID from the Quantum Series, which is an incredibly secure Latex Strap. 

Backhand: 3mm Composite backhand to increase durability and minimize thickness. The new Spyder incorporates 3 Flexibility points in the backhand to allow full motion of the hand.  Using a Micro Mesh combined with West Coasts signature Memory Foam lining, this is an incredibly comfortable and soft backhand, allowing a wide range of movement!

Finger Protection:  Guardian Finger Protection System (not thumb) with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove!  If you require THUMB Saves they can be added in Accessories. 

Fit: The SPYDER CRIMSON is designed to be a medium fitting glove, with added room in the fingers., allowing the palm and fingers to stay in place, without feeling cramped.  

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